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"We had the pleasure to work with Mary when we recently sold our home in Bethesda. She is engaged, informed, and on top of the market like no other real estate agent that I know. She helped us get our house ready for market, gave us a thorough assessment of comps, and sold it to a wonderful family. Needless to say, we were thrilled. We have recommended Mary to others, who have had the same great experience."

- Paul M. Thompson, Bethesda, MD

“Mary is the best!  If you need a real estate agent who knows Bethesda, call Mary.  Mary is a problem solver who takes a positive approach to everything. She is so responsive, too. I know she is extremely busy but whenever we sent her a message, she seemed to reply instantaneously!  She also knows a lot of quality builders, handymen, electricians, etc., so if you ever needed work done on your house, Mary can help there, too.  There is stress in any real estate transaction and there are always obstacles to overcome. Mary took the stress on her shoulders and calmly guided us through the obstacles. We were very appreciative to have her on our side.” 

- Pete & Dana Meyers, Bethesda, MD

"Mary brings a wealth of knowledge of the close-in Maryland neighborhoods - both as a Bethesda resident and as an outstanding and experienced real estate professional.  Ultimately, we worked with Mary to build a custom home that our family loves.  Her attention to detail, experience in new construction and great advice on selections provided more than the usual realtor experience.  I would definitely recommend Mary to both buyers and sellers who are looking for the Best Agent in the market." 

- Robin LaChapelle, custom new home client, Bethesda, MD

"I really enjoyed meeting and working with you.  You were fair and true, and you have a wonderful energy.  It was a pleasure doing 'business'. Thank you for an inspiring experience!" 

- Agent -Shelby Bentson, Re/Max Le Reve

"Mary did a tremendous job with the listing and selling of our home.  Her wealth of experience in the Bethesda marketplace provided us with the perfect strategy to renovate, present, list and sell our home.  We received multiple offers after our one and only open house, had a ratified contract within a week and went to closing in less tha 45 days.  Working with Mary was a wonderful experience and we are truly thankful for all that she did for us!"

- Brooke & John Shaffer, Bethesda, MD

"Mary has our strongest possible recommendation to anyone looking to buy, sell or build a custom new home.  She knows Wyngate and the surrounding neighborhoods better than anyone we have met in the 11 years we have lived in the area.  She understood our needs and presented many practical options that addressed those needs.  Her experience with custom builds, her established relationships with builders, and her attention to detail were all essential in planning our new home.  She is a true professional who will tirelessly work to completely satisfy her clients."

- Eric & Marlys Osterhues, custom new home clients, Bethesda, MD

"I am a small contractor who has worked with Mary Murphy since she became a realtor. She handles all the tedious work negotiating with the home owners over  the proposal pricing from me and other contractors. She pays extreme attention to detail with her clients best interest a top priority. She does an excellent job at keeping all parties involved on the progress of the work at hand. I would highly recommend her to ANY person looking to sell their home."

- Stephen P. Farmer, SPF Services, LLC

"Mary is smart, driven, and attentive to the details that many would not see when it comes to this ever-changing market.  Mary listened to our concerns, gave us great advice and always had our best interests at heart.   During a time when the real estate market was on a downturn, we managed to secure several excellent offers exceeding our asking price, and selling the house in just 3 days. I am certain we would not have had the great success we had with our sale if not for Mary Murphy."

- Ellen Newell, Bethesda, MD 

"Mary was able to fill a unique niche for us:  We needed to sell the house that my parents had built, and where we grew up; but age and health had taken their effect on maintenance of the house in recent years, and the house's design had been bypassed by its neighbors.  Mary gave us the information that we needed to decide between fixing up the house to sell it, and selling it to a builder who would replace it; and she helped us to feel comfortable with our decision.  She then went out and energetically found us a good buyer."

- Jason Warren, Kensington, MD

“We met Mary when we were looking to rebuild our house in Bethesda. It was a bit of a chance encounter, but boy – were we lucky to have met her. With her wealth of knowledge in custom homes, she guided us through the process making sure that our home would fit our needs and also the needs of the market if we ever decided to move on. She was incredibly helpful during a stressful time in our family. She sat with us to review the plans, gave us advice on the house design and would even accompany us to check on the progress. She is a true professional, but more than that she is a truly genuine and hard working person. She went above and beyond for us, and we have no doubt that she does the same for all her clients. We would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to buy or sell their home or considering a rebuild of their current home. You won’t find a more dedicated real estate agent.”

- Fred and Marisa Luchsinger, Bethesda, MD 

“In the future, when I am in need of any assistance with a local Real Estate transaction, you will be my first phone call.   You did a fantastic job selling off my [rental home for redevelopment].   You and your team are the best, you were easy to work with and able to get things done!  Not only did you get me a very fair price but you also handled my frustrating and difficult tenant circumstances with total professionalism.” 

- Brian Westrick, Bethesda, MD, tear-down lot seller

“Having lived in the neighborhood since 2006, we knew exactly where we wanted to be.  We had definite ideas about what we needed in a home and we had time to wait for the perfect home to hit the market.   Mary was comfortable with this and stuck with us for over a year emailing, calling, and arranging viewings when homes of interest came on the market.  Throughout this process it was clear she was in tune with our wants and needs while maintaining a realistic perspective on prospects as well as demonstrating a vast knowledge of the market.  When the home we were renting came on the market Mary patiently helped us with the decision to make an offer.   Contract to closing was a seamless process due to Mary’s exceptional attention to detail and organizational skill.  We felt comfortable and in control the entire time.   We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mary to anybody.  We have a new home and a true friend.”

- Jess and Becky Edison, Bethesda, MD

“Mary quickly learns what her clients want, and goes to extraordinary lengths to find just the right match. For us, it is even more affirming to know that she is genuinely happy in our happiness.....There is no question that we would not have found our great home without Mary’s thoughtful and intelligent guidance. To find the home best suited to your needs and desires, or the right buyer for the house you are trying to sell, you cannot do better than Mary Murphy.“

- Frank & Sue Thomas, Ashton, MD 

“We were initially a little nervous about purchasing a new home not yet completely finished. Mary walked us through the process so we clearly understood what to expect and helped us at every step of the way. She was accessible - responding to our many questions quickly - and was willing to offer advice on everything from ceiling fan size to tile selections to cabinet stain colors. Mary went above and beyond in her assistance. Even though we had already committed to selling our house with another realtor, Mary willingly listened to our selling concerns and advised us when we needed assistance or a second opinion. I would not hesitate to recommend Mary to individuals looking to either buy or sell their home.”

- Keith & Karen Bird, Bethesda, MD

 “To anyone desiring to have a good experience selling their house…  We chose Mary Murphy to sell our house and were very pleased. Mary was extremely professional in how she marketed our house which resulted in a sale on the first day at above the asking price.  All of our friends and neighbors that looked at the open house were really impressed with how well the house showed. 

The favorable appearance did not happen by accident. Mary made recommendations on painting, which modernized the look, and staging which emphasized positive aspects of the house that would have been overlooked. She was extremely helpful in providing resource service people at a reasonable price to fix things that needed to be addressed due to inspection. We were in Florida trying to sell the house and would not have been able to address these issues without her help.  The buyers told us that they were very impressed with the amount of information that Mary provided them about the operation and maintenance history of the house. She prepared thoroughly for every step of the selling process and attended to all details in a timely way.
We had reviewed a number of Realty firms before deciding on Mary. We were impressed that she would personally be responsible for the sale and be at the open houses. We know from experience with other friends that this is important. She also had a lot of information for customers about the area, schools, etc which would be helpful to buyers new to the area.”

- Beverly and Sam Boyd, Potomac, MD

"Mary made it possible for my family to get into the house of our dreams... She's a truly genuine person whom we trusted from the first time we met her.  In most cases, buying a house is stressful, but Mary took the stress out of the process."

- Michelle McInerney, Chevy Chase, MD

"Mary is a full-service Realtor... From helping to write a winning offer on our new house, to staging our old house to ensure a fast sale -- at full price...she was a true professional."

- Jenny Cohen, Potomac, MD

"From the beginning to the end, Mary was attentive to our wishes and understood what we were trying to accomplish.  Most importantly, Mary made it easy for us with the contract, loan arrangements and the settlement."

- Custom new home client, Bethesda, MD

"Mary has been a wonderful friend for many years. The old adage ‘don't mix business and friendship,' was proven incorrect when I hired Mary to sell our Bethesda home. I admire Mary more than ever after first-hand experience with her professionalism and unparalleled customer service. Mary assured me that, if I followed her suggestions for staging and for pricing, the house would sell within 4 days of going "live" on the market. She was absolutely correct, and I am thoroughly pleased with the sales price, which was above the asking price! Her remarkable customer service continued through, literally, holding my hand at settlement. From start to finish, Mary's work ethic, professionalism, and service are flawless."

- Amanda Tatem, Bethesda, MD

“Mary Murphy sold our house....when other houses in the neighborhood did not do as well.  We attribute our quick, successful sale to Mary's knowledge of the market, her extreme diligence and her preparation….Mary met with contractors on my behalf when I couldn't be home from work…. Mary Murphy was truly working on our behalf and we were so grateful!  I would also add that Mary was extremely thorough and went above and beyond what we expect from a real estate agent .  For example, some items related to a major kitchen renovation 8 years were identified to not meet County code.  Mary went back to our original contractors and had them repair the deficiencies in their work at no charge to us (or to Mary).”

- Drs. Patty Lee and John Butman, Bethesda, MD

“Mary really knows Bethesda, and cares about her clients as well as the neighborhood.  Her personal relationship with the builders in the area is what made the difference and allowed us to get the house we wanted, where we wanted, for a price we could afford.”

- Custom new home client, Bethesda

“I highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to move into, relocate in, remodel in, or rebuild in Bethesda.  Whatever your circumstance, she can guide you to where you want to be.   Mary cares about your goals and goes the extra mile to give you the best options.  We were looking to change our house rather than to move, and she helped us to make the right choices on our project.   I have no doubt that her knowledge, experience, and confidence will help (and impress) you too.  Send her an e-mail, and you will see what I mean.  That’s how we got started, and we ended up with great results.“

- David L. Wagger, custom new home client, Bethesda, MD

“Mary introduced us to the ideal builder for our needs. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to detail were a tremendous help to us in making the countless decisions (large and small, interior and exterior) that must be made in planning and building a home. Mary was able to recommend resources that we never would have found on our own. She brings a level of dedication to her work and to the interests of others that we rarely see.”

- Elizabeth Carroll, custom home client, Bethesda, MD

"I highly recommend Mary Murphy to anyone wishing to buy or sell.  Mary was extremely professional and always kept me informed.  From the start I knew my best interest was a top priority for her.”

- Eva Rogers, Kensington, MD

"She has a knack for presenting and pricing homes" says Allied Realty President/Broker Eric Hough, who describes Mary as  personable, professional and service-oriented.

"When we contacted Mary Murphy about selling our home in Wyngate, we told her we were considering purchasing a condo. I believe the advice she offered on our condo purchase saved us more money than the commission we paid to her for the sale of our home. She was also very instrumental in reducing our stress level in making our first home sale/purchase in over forty years.”

- Stoney and Chris Richards, Bethesda, MD


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