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Whether You Live In It - Or - Want To Sell It On The Market, Here Are Some of Mary's Tips

Staging Your Home To Sell?

Clients selling their home love the “staging” process. I can help take your home to the next level. Starting in 2021, I will be  staging  my listings with my personal inventory.  To see my staging projects, please refer to My Sales History:  

-11230 Huntover Drive

-8100 Cindy Lane

-12215 Middle Road

-5802 Conway Road

Put Your Best House Forward

Connect With Color . . . Accent With Texture
Connect With Color . . . Accent With Texture

Simplify your interior with a harmony of color and natural elements to create a warm and autumn inspired feel. Think: cozy, natural and modest.

Make It Yours
Make It Yours

Simple and effective elements produce the atmosphere you want. Linking your main level with color and texture creates continuity and allows you to easily switch and swap furniture and décor when you want a “new look” without spending a dime.

Light It Up . . . Softly
Light It Up . . . Softly

Recessed lighting is necessary and practical but adding lamps softens the touch. Consider placing a lamp inside or near a window. Nothing beckons like a welcoming light.

Got A Porch?
Got A Porch?

First impressions speak. Make it pleasing with curb appeal.

Mary J. Murphy


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