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Residential Lots

 Residential Lots

Selling A "Tear Down" Lot

I have represented many clients selling local properties with development potential, in particular, vacant parcels, lots, and older homes suitable for rebuilding or remodeling.  I work directly with several custom home builders who are looking to purchase infill properties.  These reputable builders can offer attractive terms and quick settlements for desirable infill construction properties.  I have a proven track record and a growing list of very satisfied customers!  See what my clients and colleagues are saying about me - read my testimonials.

Given The Opportunity, I Can Assist You By:

  • Identifying and avoiding “problematic” investor offers and the risky terms often found in many contract offers.
  • Soliciting attractive contract offers from serious, qualified purchasers.
  • Offering creative ways to recycle your house through salvage rights (on a sales agreement) which enables you the right to donate parts of your house to non-profit organizations and receive a tax-deduction.
  • Explaining  some of the several tax-deferred selling solutions such as the Starker 1031 Exchange.  This type of transaction may enable you to sell your current property and then purchase one or more replacement properties without immediately paying any taxes on your capital gains.  This option can provide you the opportunity to receive a monthly rental income while still owning a property. 

Looking To Build On An Existing Lot?

My ability to navigate the regulatory process of new construction is particularly beneficial for those seeking a custom build. 

If you are a homeowner who is looking to build on your current residential lot, I can assist you through the regulatory process of new construction.  I can assist you with finding the right fit for a Custom Builder who can rebuild on your current property.

I am also able to assist you with all aspects of new home construction, how a "spec" new build contract works (including allowances and budgets), how a "construction-to-perm" loan operates for a custom home, how residential lot sales work and whether tearing down one's current structure makes best sense for a homeowner. 


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